Terroirs, Small Plates That Pack A Punch

Living in London is like living in a foodie dream. You can walk down the street and travel the world through different cuisines, without having to bother with plane tickets and jet lag.

This weekend we did just that. We traveled to France, Spain, and Italy. And we only had to visit one restaurant.

We’d made a reservation at Terroirs, just off The Strand, about a year ago but had to cancel. We tried to walk in a few weeks ago but it was crowded — which is always a great sign. Finally, we made a reservation for this weekend and this time made it there.

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous, which might be why Terroirs was relatively empty. People seemed to want to be outside, enjoying the sunshine. It worked well for us and we managed to snag a seat at the bar, better to have a chat with the bar staff and get wine recommendations.

Speaking about wine, this is quite plentiful at Terroirs and they do stock quite a few natural wines, which are our latest obsession. With a wine list so long, it took us some time to take a decision and were pleased when the bartender offered us a taste of light rose bubbly from Château Le Roc Fronton, in the south of France. It was a perfect way to start the day, and the pretty color is also very easy on the eyes. We finally decided on a Chardonnay from the Jura region — Domaine Jean Francois Ganevat’s Grusse en Billat, 2012.

IMG_9541This is not an easy wine to find, and certainly nothing like the many Chardonnays that you might buy at the supermarket. Without any added sulfites, the wine retains a nutty and mineral taste with citrus notes.

Then comes the food. We ordered a few small plates and a basket of fresh crusty bread was put in front of us, together with some soft butter.

IMG_9539We dug in, because after all, who can resist! The bread was delicious on its own, with a hard crust and soft inside. Add the salty and creamy butter and it becomes heavenly. No wonder the first basket disappeared before our first plates arrived. But we barely noticed because a new basket was put in front of us.

Our first order of charcuterie arrived pretty soon. There were different smoked hams, duck rillettes and a pork and pistachio terrine which was the definite star of the meal.

IMG_9538We also ordered Boudin Noir with a fresh apple compote and beets.

IMG_9542and garlicky snails on toast with a parsley sauce.

IMG_9543Perhaps because we ate so much bread, we were pretty stuffed. Enough to have to say no to dessert, even though there was Crème Brulée on the menu. Instead we walked outside where the sun was still shining brightly and tried to walk off a few of the calories we had just imbibed.

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