When The Weather’s Nice

Yes, we know, it’s pouring rain right now. And by that we mean getting-soaked-through-your-raincoat pouring. BBC Weather, which we’ve found to be the best weather forecast around — although they do get it wrong sometimes — did call for a pretty miserable and wet Saturday, so we were prepared.

But it wasn’t the same yesterday. Or on Thursday. In fact one can argue that it was absolutely gorgeous. Those days when you walk outside and the warm rays of sunshine hit you in the face and you just want to sigh with contentment. Days when all you want to do is just soak the sun. After all it’s healthy. We all need a good dose of Vitamin D!

We’ve learned that when the weather’s nice, the Brits do one thing — they go outside. They are milling outside of pubs and bars, lying on patches of grass, or sitting on benches. We don’t blame them and we do the same. Well, not the lying in the grass part. At least not yet.

But London does look beautiful when the sun’s out. Even when there are still some clouds around. There’s an air of jubilation that puts a smile on people’s faces. Here are some photos from the past few days.

IMG_9496 IMG_9494 IMG_9410Perhaps one of the reasons why sunny days are so revered is that you know that they won’t last too long. Or long enough for that matter. You know that soon enough the clouds are going to start forming and it will start misting, with proper rain possible. Thankfully there are many pubs to hole in and take shelter.


2 thoughts on “When The Weather’s Nice

  1. I was in Harrogate (the moors) some years ago and the locals told me it had been overcast and rainy for over 200 days. I awoke on a Saturday and the sun was shining so I set off on an adventure to Leeds. However, I was warned that the bright start meant it would be a soaking rain later. So true, so true…


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