Lights…. Camera….. Food

Don’t you just love good food? We do. As we become more and more acquainted with London, we’re starting to discover a few eateries that are satisfying out taste buds. And our love for a good cocktail.

Luckily we live quite close to Union Street Cafe, one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, and while we’ve never had dinner there, we often go to the subterranean bar for a drink. Or five. They make a mean cocktail and the upside is that they’re quite nice. There’s none of that snootiness that you sometimes find at a cocktail bar.

Last month we were at Union Street and started talking to one of the bar tenders (we told you that people are very nice) who let us know of an upcoming event at the bar. They were showing the movie Goodfellas, certainly one of our all-time favorites, and accompanying it with food and cocktails, aptly titled “Bites, Camera, Action”. We just couldn’t resist, especially since the price tag for the event was a fair £25 per head. We’re in, we decided.

The day of the event happened to be that first weekday when the sky was blue and everyone was out and about. It seemed like it would be almost a pity to spend our evening in a basement. But aren’t we glad we swapped sunshine for the light coming from the movie projector!

We walked into a pretty full bar. They had lined chairs and couches in front of the projection screen and we managed to clinch two seats in the front row despite our tardiness. Soon we were handed a Wise Guys Spritz, a refreshing drink made with vodka, Martini Bianco, lemon bitters, soda, and Prosecco. It had the right amount of spritz to start the evening and went very well with the cheese and salumi platter that was put in front of us.

Silence descended when the movie started. We’ve watched Goodfellas so many times and yet it never gets old. It’s just one of those classics that we can watch and rewatch and then watch it one more time. Soon after the movie started the “first course” of the menu prepared by the Belpassi Bros was served, a sliced meatball sandwich which was presented in a small cooler bag and accompanied by a Martini cocktail. Next, was a dish of beef and pork meatballs swimming in delicious Amatriciana sauce and real Parmiggiano. We washed that down with a Negroni.

IMG_8892Next was a rum and Martini cocktail together with vegetarian meatballs. Despite being big carnivores, these babies might well have been the meal of the night with the right mixture of sweet and spicy.

We’re not exactly light eaters. We love our food and we don’t mind filling our stomachs. But we were quite stuffed by the time we’d polished off the bowl of veggie meatballs. But even though we knew our bathroom scales would be creaking its disapproval, we certainly couldn’t say no to Cannoli. They are, after all, one of the best things in life and we don’t come across the really good ones often enough. These were among the best, with a crunchy shell and soft sweet ricotta filling. A fitting end to an evening of Italian gluttony.

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