Coffee? Schmoffee. Make Mine A Martini

We’re on a quest to find new places to explore. We have this habit of gravitating towards the same places. Yes, they’re places we like, enjoy going to, but sometimes you just need to spice it up. Which means that every Friday we’re trying our best to find a new place to go for an after-work drink. And it has to tick a few boxes, most importantly somewhere we can get good cocktails or wine which is not overly crowded. The latter is especially difficult if we want to stay in our neighborhood which lies bang in between London Bridge Station and Waterloo Station.

We have managed to find a handful of places that hit the mark, including 214 Bermondsey. We’ve been there a couple of times and it hasn’t disappointed.

But last week we wanted to try something new. Thankfully Bar Chick came to the rescue with a review of the recently opened London Grind, which just opened a location right on London Bridge. It was a bit of a gamble. After all, it’s right across the street from the train station, which, according to recent news reports, sees 54 million commuters pass through every year. So it was prone to be busy.

2015-02-27 18.04.38(1)Thankfully we arrived right in time and secured two seats in front of the window, allowing for some people watching. London Grind has a neat concept —  a coffee shop that serves pretty amazing drinks, some of them coffee based. We started with caffeine-free drinks, choosing G&Ts instead, and staying on the Gin bandwagon moved on to Gin Collins. But when we started to feel tired, it was time to try the Grind’s specialty and went for a Grind Espresso Martini, which mixes espresso (doh!) with vodka and sugar.

IMG_8624 It was pretty good. Good enough that one of us ordered another one, while the other had an Espresso Old Fashioned, with espresso, bourbon, sugar and chocolate bitters. Amazing. And just because we wanted to try all the coffee cocktails, we moved on to a Hot Flat White Russian (espresso, vodka, Kahlua, and milk) and a Pecan Coffee, with espresso, bourbon, pecan liquor and maple syrup.

By this point we were on a coffee high and could certainly not stomach another coffee drink, much as we wanted to. So instead we stopped by our trusted Indian joint — Truly Indian, on Borough High Street — and ordered a take out. We’ll certainly be returning to London Grind.

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