GoDaddy’s Superbowl Ad: Plain Stupid Or Intentional?

We’re not big sports fans. Definitely not the sort to make sure we’re glued in front of the tv to watch a game. And this Sunday isn’t going to be any different. No, we’re not going to watch the Superbowl.

But the ads are another matter altogether. Let’s put it this way, some of them are pretty fantastic. One of us cried on seeing the Budweiser advert, which is a continuation of last year’s, and so stinking adorable.

Who can resist those puppy eyes?

But there was another puppy debuting in this year’s commercials. In what seems to be a mockery of Budweiser’s ad, GoDaddy’s ad features another adorable fluffball, called Buddy, who runs back home only to be sold off, bringing to mind heartless puppy mills.

Well, GoDaddy might have thought it was being witty, but its commercial raised more than a few eyebrows. More than 40,000 people signed a petition to have the ad pulled from the Superbowl and Twitter was ablaze with criticism. GoDaddy pulled the ad. Well, did they really have a choice?

So the question is, was this a stupid decision or an intentional way to attract a lot of attention? After all, there are many people still talking about poor Buddy and thousands have seen the commercial online. Well, if GoDaddy’s intention was to put forth a controversial ad to create buzz, they should be careful. There are some fails that companies don’t recover from. And in the era of social media, a mistake will have made it round the world before you can blink twice.

Aside from that, while people’s memories can be inconveniently short at times, anyone who thought that this commercial was in bad taste is likely to remember it whenever they think about GoDaddy. Does it mean that the company might lose sales? Who knows, but is it worth a risk?

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