For Goodness’ Sake, Cover Your Mouth

It’s gotten colder these past few days. Really cold. The type of cold that makes gloves and a scarf a requirement. When you just have to button up your jacket, especially when the wind is blowing.

The cold brings another thing with it — unwelcome illness. Everyone seems to be coughing and sniffling, reaching out for a tissue to cover their mouth. Or so one would hope. Isn’t it the most basic of manners, something that you learn when you’re barely able to walk? The need to cover your mouth to stop the germs from flying across the room.

Well, that’s what we thought. That’s how we grew up. No matter how many things you have in your hands, if you feel the need to cough or sneeze, drop everything and cover your mouth, stopping the germs’ journey short.

It’s not only the nice thing to do to avoid others getting sick. It’s also good for you. After all, who wants illness to come back to them? You don’t want to share because you don’t want it to be shared back with you. It’s a primal need to get rid of those pesky germs.

And yet we keep coming across people who just don’t seem to care. Walking around London’s streets we keep coming across people coughing, sneezing and spluttering into the air, with no regard to those around them. They’re not even too laden with bags to make covering their mouths difficult. They just seem too lazy to lift their hands to their faces to cover their mouths.

We’ve been noticing this for a while. At pubs, even in restaurants. The germs are just given free reign into the air, with nothing done to try and stop them. Nothing at all. People walking around coughing and sneezing. Even at the market, they’re sneezing over produce without even the decency to turn their heads. Why? Oh why?

We’re not saying that everyone does this and we’re pretty sure that there are other people who like us are just grossed out by the evident lack of manners and concern for others’ welfare that some people evidently have. But unfortunately this habit doesn’t seem restricted to a handful of people. It’s widespread. And it’s gross. So please, if you’re reading this, remember to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Remember, that you’re not just doing someone else a favor, but you’re also avoiding the germs coming back to you. Because you know what, karma is a bitch!

One thought on “For Goodness’ Sake, Cover Your Mouth

  1. i was taught to cough into my hand as a child. Now the medical establishment asserts this spreads more germs than coughing into space, so I’ve learned the “vampire” – coughing into my elbow. This educes the contamination potential assuming my arm is cloth covered, as I am told. Is this the conscientious style in the UK now?


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