Food Market In Southwark — Hurry Before It’s Gone

Sometimes great things happen in small installments. Not only, but they aren’t in your face and many times you just happen on them by chance.

This happened to us last week. We were walking along Union Street, on our way to the King’s Arms,  when we saw some activity in a lot that we’d never noticed before, just next to the Union Jack pub. We noticed a poster stating that there would be a winter pop-up market starting this past Monday until December 23rd.

We were intrigued, so we did what any 21st century person would do — we went home and followed @TASTEstreetfood on Twitter to get some insight on the street food that would be showing up. And we got even more excited with the expected line up!

Monday dawned beautifully with some bright sunshine in the morning. Since one of us is trying to use remaining vacation days before the turn of the year, we had a free day, and waited patiently until the market opened at 11am and we could pay our first visit.

First off, the market is in an unused railway space, which is quite cool.

IMG_8080We took a look around and evaluated the lunch choice — pizza, hot dogs, grilled cheese, burgers, pulled pork, jerk chicken….. It was tough to choose, so while we mulled the options, we stopped by the 45-foot craft beer bus for a libation.

IMG_8085A beer and a cider later, our stomachs were growling fiercely, so we finally settled on lunch — jerk chicken from Mamasjerk.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 9.46.08 AMand a chili dog from PopDogsLondon.

IMG_8089These bad boys come with disposable gloves so you avoid getting your hands too dirty, but we didn’t bother. The best part is licking our fingers after we’ve finished our dog.

There weren’t many people in the morning, so we decided to return in the late afternoon, after finishing a few errands that including picking up a Christmas tree from Borough Market, to support the neighborhood. One of us was hungry again and got a burger while we both enjoyed a couple of beers.

IMG_8102We haven’t been back since Monday, but oh do we plan a few visits over the weekend! After all, it won’t be there long!

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