Thanksgiving Prep: Getting The Oven Turkey-Ready

What do you do when you’re having guests coming over, whether for a short visit or to stay? We bet one of the things you make sure of is that your home is sparkling clean.

Now that’s not to say that we don’t keep our flat clean all the time. We certainly do, especially due to the OCD tendencies of one of us. But we tend to step it up a notch when we have company. It’s almost like a mini spring clean that includes moving furniture to clean underneath and behind, washing all the cushion covers, airing cupboards, and many more jobs that make the difference from a clean home to one that’s absolutely spotless.

So it only makes sense that with a large bird taking residence in our oven for a few hours, we wanted to make sure that the oven is turkey-ready. We’re firm believers that a clean oven is more effective and efficient and we need all that for next week’s marathon cooking session.

Cleaning the oven isn’t a fun job. We miss the self-clean function on our old oven. All we had to do was put it on the self-clean setting and leave it for over four hours, after which we just had to vacuum any remaining ash from the bottom and wipe it off. While the current one is a sleek electric, it doesn’t have that handy function. This means that a lot — and by a lot, we really mean a lot — of elbow grease is required to get it clean.

We started the job this weekend, first scrubbing the wire racks and the rack rails. All was well, until we started scrubbing the whole inside, and the oven light burnt out, making seeing impossible.

To be fair, it was a good time to change the light. After all, the oven had been cleared out of everything providing us with more space to work with. We downloaded the oven manual (doesn’t look like our landlord is keen on keeping the manuals around) and checked the instructions on removing the light cover. It specifically said to unscrew it by turning anticlockwise. We tried. And tried. And then tried again. But to no avail. The cover just wouldn’t budge.

So we consulted Google, and learned that we could purchase a plastic removal tool with the substitute bulb. Amazon stocked it and as Prime members it meant we could get it the following day. So we took a break from our oven chore and waited for the tool to be delivered.

But when it did arrive yesterday and we gave it a try, we still couldn’t get the cover to move. We didn’t want to put much pressure on it in case we broke it and got injured, and were considering our options: Go without an oven light or call in the experts. While we mulled over the options (although we were pretty sure it was going to be the latter) we took to Google to read what other people did to get the light cover off. We weren’t the only ones to have issues getting the cover removed.

Then we came across a video of someone actually managing to remove the light. Let’s be honest, unscrewing a cover really shouldn’t require a video. We know how to do that. But we watched it anyway and that’s when the light bulb moment occurred. The person was turning clockwise. Had we read the instructions wrong? We reread the manual and noted we hadn’t.

A little skeptical, we tried again, using the tool and this time turning clockwise. And without even requiring any effort we removed the cover. It only took two minutes to clean it, change the light and put the cover back on. Somehow following the instructions had steered us in the wrong direction, literally.

But all’s well that ends well. Now we have our light back and will be able to keep an eye on the turkey. Of course, it also means that we can also see any little splatter inside the oven. So we’re eagerly waiting for some heavy duty oven cleaner to be delivered to remove the remaining stubborn bits of grime. Only then will the oven be 100% turkey-ready!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Prep: Getting The Oven Turkey-Ready

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