A Gem On Bermondsey Street

You know how it goes. You’re waiting for Friday evening to arrive, knowing that the weekend is starting. You spend the afternoon sneaking glances at your watch and wishing it would go a tad faster. Come on, come on, come on.

And then, it’s 5pm and you rush out of your office and right into the welcoming weekend. Aahh, the prospect of two full days to yourself. Of being able to do whatever you want. To be lazy and not have to set your alarm. You just want to celebrate the elated feeling with a chilled beverage.

These past weeks we’ve been having trouble deciding what to do on a Friday evening. Somehow we always end up in the same places. And while that’s not a bad thing in itself, London, especially so close to The City, on a Friday evening is super busy. Every single bar is crowded with people gathered outside. We love the idea of outside drinking but sometimes we just want a quiet(er) place where we can sit down and enjoy a drink without being jostled from all directions.

With no place in mind, yesterday we decided to explore a different area. Well, we’ve been to the shop- and cafe-lined Bermondsey Street a few times, but never in the evening. We didn’t know what to expect.

As we started walking along the street, we noticed that the bars at the Northern part were, like many others in London, crowded. We kept going and started seeing less pubby looking places, which, while busy, provided some seating space. We decided to walk all the way down and take a decision en route back.

We spotted B Street Deli from across the street. It stood out because of the Halloween decorations outside. We peeked inside and realized that while it’s an actual deli, there were people drinking wine, some seated along the wall-mounted bar across from the counter and others sitting or standing around wine barrels. One of the barrels was free so it was meant to be. We walked in and ordered a couple of glasses of Sancerre and just relaxed.

Despite our grumbling stomachs, we tried to keep our eyes averted from the selection of charcuterie, crusty bread, and delicious looking pastries. A couple of wines later, we were given a couple of pieces of bread. One, with cheese and olive tapenade, was divine. It might be the wine, but neither of us can remember what the other one was. But believe us, both were fantastic. The bread was the right combination of crusty and soft and the tapenade perfectly olivey with the cheese being the cherry on the sundae.

We can’t wait to go back, and this time we hope to get some nibbles. It’s good to see enterprising owners use a space so well, converting a shop into a bar.

3 thoughts on “A Gem On Bermondsey Street

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