Camden Lock Market. Worth The Crowds?

We don’t know how to answer our own question. As part of our quest to explore different areas of London, we decided to go to Camden Lock Market the weekend before last. We haven’t been since we moved, and not even in our last couple of visits before that.

IMG_7440The truth is we don’t really like crowds. It’s not that we don’t enjoy being around people, because we are pretty social people, but the jostling and elbowing gets a little too much after a while. It doesn’t help that people seem to have a habit of not looking where they’re going and instead get completely distracted by everything and anything, and walk right into you. So, now you know why we tend to avoid crowds.

But you can’t live in London without a visit to Camden. We weren’t really looking for anything in particular, except possibly some chandelier crystals. Not that we have any chandeliers, or plan to have any, but we thought they would be great Christmas tree decorations. You see, back in New York we were only able to have a very sorry excuse for a tree due to size constraints. Which means we didn’t need many decorations to fill it.

It's on a bar-height table so smaller than it might look.

It’s on a bar-height table so smaller than it might look.

This time around we have already earmarked a corner for the tree and we think we can get a decently bigger one. We just need to add to our meagre collection of decorations to fill it up. Unfortunately, a recent trip to Selfridge’s, which opened its Christmas shop back in August, underlined what we already knew – decorations can be ridiculously expensive. Don’t get us wrong, we have in the past spent a few dollars on some colorful and eye-catching baubles, but we’re certainly not going to fork out £10 for each colored ball, especially considering the propensity for clumsiness that one of us has that increases the risk of breakages.

So, we’ve decided to get crafty and make our own. The plan is to get some cheap baubles that we can decorate with a glue gun and glitter and hang with pretty ribbon. And chandelier crystals will be ideal to add some sparkle, which brings us to the reason for our quest for crystals.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that Camden Market is the right place to go. We couldn’t find any. But we did come across some stalls selling very good looking food, like this beef haven.

We just love beef!

We just love beef!

And this other stall selling delectable looking chocolate.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

After taking a look around the food area, we decided to go round the rest of the market. That, unfortunately, was a mistake. When we returned, quite famished, all the food stalls we were interested in had long lines of people who like us wanted to get food. We just couldn’t be bothered with waiting any longer, so we turned around and left.

Thankfully there’s a pretty decent food market just behind the Southbank Center and a short walk from our home, so we took the tube to Waterloo and grabbed some food from a well-trusted source. Will we go back to Camden? Probably. We might just make sure we’re not hungry next time.

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