Tube Trouble

We’ve had a little hiatus this week. The truth is, this change of weather got us. Despite our increased intake of vitamin C in the past weeks, our immune systems were no match for the cooler temperatures and we got sick. One of us got afflicted first and, as happens when two people live together, the other soon got infected.

But after hundreds of sneezes, tens of tissues, and two very sore noses (from the vigorous blowing), we were (almost) healed by the weekend. At least we weren’t going to allow a few sniffles keep us inside. London is our oyster and we wanted to find a new and interesting place to explore.

The thing is, we love living in a central location. It means we have everything we need within a walking distance. Borough Market is our go-to place for groceries. There are museums just across the river. And if we need to do some real shopping, we can always brave the crowds at Oxford Street.

But sometimes we enjoy just going out of our neighborhood and explore a new location. Unfortunately the Tube doesn’t always collaborate. A few weeks ago we decided to go to Kew Gardens. Yet, the part closure of the District Line put a damper on that.

This weekend, we decided to go west to Chelsea, a neighborhood that we’ve barely been in, even though it was in our sights as a potential place to live before we got here. But the District Line is still suffering from a part closure, as is the Piccadilly Line. That left us with one option — get as far West as we could and then walk from there.

The thing is, we love walking, and don’t mind going for long strolls. However, we don’t want to be caught far from home with no way to get back except splurge for an expensive taxi ride. That is why we always try to make sure that the tube is working before we go anywhere. Unfortunately, we didn’t do a very good job yesterday.

But let’s start with the fun part, although most of it was fun to be honest. We took the tube to Gloucester Road and started walking west, until we hit Brompton Cemetery. We decided to walk though. It was peaceful, also because out of respect to the people buried there, we were barely talking to each other. The rain made the atmosphere even more somber.

Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery

Brompton Cemetery

The plan was to get to the river and start heading East from there, perhaps walk part of the way home. But somehow we found ourselves zig-zagging South-West and stumbled upon Imperial Wharf, another place we had considered living at. We got to Thames Path and thought we could get the ferry home, but somehow couldn’t find the location where we would catch the said ferry. So we kept going West, and came across a Sainsbury’s. A real one, not one of those small local offshoots that we have in our neighborhood. We haven’t been in a proper supermarket since we moved here, so we went in and looked for a few hard-to-find ingredients for upcoming cooking endeavor. Can someone please open a normal-sized supermarket in Bankside? Please?

Considering our inability to find the ferry pier, we decided to walk to Fulham Broadway and get whatever train was available that would get us remotely close to home. But guess what? It was closed! Guess we should have checked. So we were left with no choice but to keep walking. We decided to go to Whole Foods on High Street Kensington and take the tube from there (we checked that it was open) but stopped at The King’s Arms in Earls Court for some needed fuel in the form of food and a couple of G&Ts. Our food was slightly delayed due to a fault with the kitchen printer, and the kind manager offered us some free drinks. Sweet! And when we got our food — a burger and a steak sandwich — it was absolutely delicious and definitely worth the extra few minutes’ wait.

Stomachs full, we got back to the last part of our trek, and the rest of the journey went as planned. Which is a good thing because by the time we got to Whole Foods, our legs had started to hurt. And no wonder! When we mapped our journey we realized that we’d walked more than 6 miles. Not bad for a Saturday!

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