DIY Vegetable Steamer

Here at The Londinium Project we’ve been trying to be healthy. Well, healthier. Which means that we tend to start the week with great ideas and a strong willpower to eat a lot of nutritious vegetables and decrease our calorific intake.

To be honest, we cook vegetables all the time. But we do tend to use a decent amount of fat and oil. Mushrooms are delicious sauteed in butter. So is cabbage. And blanched spinach is given a stir in a pan with rendered bacon fat. Which pretty much means that while we’re getting more than our fair share of five a day, we do sneak in quite a bit of unnecessary extras.

Not today. Today we woke up with a solid resolve to be good. We went to the nearby Sainsbury’s and our eyes fell on a mixed package of broccoli and cauliflower florets. At £1.30 it was a pretty cheap price for a healthy side. And to keep it healthy, we decided to steam the little buggers. We’ve done that many times in the past and steaming them until they’re cooked but still got a bite to them retains their nutrients.

It was only when we got home that we remembered that our pot with a removable steaming insert never made the move. It was a $10 pot that had seen better days and we decided to leave it behind. But our resolve was strong. We were going to steam those darned broccoli and cauliflower someway. It was time to get our thinking hats on and find an alternative method.

So we poured some water in our largest pot and brought it to a boil. We then lay a cooling rack on top and placed the florets on the rack.

IMG_7459The lid kept the broccoli and cauliflower in place over the water.

IMG_7460This particular lid is actually perfect for the job since it allows some of the steam to escape and ensures that the vegetables don’t get soggy. That’d defy the purpose and we might as well have boiled them.

The vegetables were ready in about 30 minutes and as perfect as we remembered. Well, as perfect as steamed vegetables can be.


Of course, as soon as we were done we remembered we actually have a bamboo steamer that we could have used. Until next time, but in the meantime, this worked just as well!

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