It’s Getting Colder

Has anyone noticed the recent change in weather? It seems that as the seasons changed, so did the temperature. There is definitely no mistaking that we’re in Autumn now.

We love this time of the year. Coming from a place where it used to get very hot in the summer months — sometimes oppressively so, we tend to heave a big sigh of relief when the temperature starts dipping. There’s always that one day, when the temperature drops, when you can switch off the air conditioning and just open the windows to allow the cooler natural air in, and you know, deep in your heart, that there won’t be another uncomfortably hot day. Until the following year that is, but we’ll take that.

Things are somewhat different here. Despite a few warm days, it never really got to the point of absolute discomfort. Since we enjoy walking, this is a blessing to us and has allowed us to continue going for the long walks we so love even in the warmer months.

But there’s been a marked difference in the past few days. Somehow, the temperature has dropped a lot during the nights. It’s that sort of weather that makes you want to snuggle in bed, wrap yourself in the covers, and shiver a little when the cool air comes in. Or cover yourself in a fluffy throw while watching tv on the couch.

Soon, the markets we like exploring will start selling warm spiked drinks and the aroma of cinnamon and cloves will start filling the air. We can’t wait!

It might be cloudy, but it's still an awesome sight!

It might be cloudy, but it’s still an awesome sight!

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