Bankside By Day

Living close to the river is a delight. Not only is there always something to do, but walking along the Thames can be quite relaxing. Unless you go during the busiest times, when the promenade is thronged with people, turning a relaxing stroll into an exercise in dodging oncoming people who are too busy looking around or staring at their phones to realize they’re actually walking into another person.

So we enjoy finding times when the promenade is not busy, allowing us to make the most of our neighborhood. This morning was one such occasion. We had an errand to run close to Westminster Bridge, and decided to take the long route along the river back home. We were skeptical that we’d make it all the way and the busy promenade won’t make us want to use the back streets.

We were pleasantly surprised. The promenade was pretty much empty at around 10am, which gave us the opportunity to enjoy our walk and even stop to take some photos. Here they are:


Big Ben peeking from among the trees


Westminster and Big Ben


Graffiti on the skating rink


The empty promenade


The London Eye

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