Chicken Tonight

Have you ever had an idea to create something different while executing a mundane task? We’re sure you have. Our brains are fascinating pieces of equipment and sometimes great ideas just pop up when we aren’t even trying.

This happened to us on Monday while preparing a quick dinner. The plan was simple — put some seasoned skinless and boneless chicken tights in a sizzling cast iron pan and throw them in the oven to cook while preparing a salad and wham bam, dinner is served.

Just because we have a decent amount of garlic confit left, we decided to make an impromptu marinade with the softened cloves. We were being lazy so instead of bothering to take out our food processor for what amounts to around two tablespoons of garlic, we just mushed them with the back of a fork.

Mushed garlic cloves

And then, seeing the cloves all mushed, an idea popped into our head. What if we stuffed the chicken with the garlic? Since the tights had been deboned, they could easily be rolled into small parcels. We looked into the fridge and got a few more ingredients.

The first step was to spread a thin layer of homemade chimichurri sauce on the inside of each tight. Next we used a microplane grater to grate some cheese. The mushed garlic was placed on top.


And then we put a small piece of Parma ham on top of everything.


The next part was the trickiest and messiest. The chicken was slippery and its length versus thickness weren’t the right proportion for the tights to be neatly rolled. But with a little bit of cajoling we managed to create six homey looking parcels, held together with a toothpick.


The next step was to seat the tights on the stovetop, before putting them in the oven for about 15 minutes. They were perfectly browned and the ingredients had blended together to create juicy infusions.


It wasn’t the quickest dinner, but we will definitely be making it again!

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