Eating And Drinking At Maltby Street Market

Ahhh, lazy Sundays! Those days when you wake up and have absolutely no plans, and more importantly, no errands to run. We love those days, proper resting days, when we can simply do whatever strikes our fancy without having to rush to fit fun around our chores.

Sunday was one such day. After the long walk on Saturday, we didn’t even feel a pressing obligation to get a lot of exercise in. In fact, despite being avid walkers, both of us woke up with slightly sore legs. And so we decided to take it easy.

After caffeinating, we got ourselves ready to face the outside world. The weather was nice, with some clouds giving way to sunshine. By the time we left the apartment, we realized we were both hungry. So we made our way to Maltby Street Market, south east of Tower Bridge, and which, since the move, has become quite a favorite of ours. There’s even an outpost of St John’s, which, as you know, we love.


Frankly, we enjoy markets. They are unpretentious and tend to have among the best food you can get your hands on. Each stall is preparing one specialty and they are normally pretty good at what they do. And because there are several vendors next to each other, there is quite a choice.

We walked through the street looking at the different vendors, trying to decide what struck our fancy that particular morning. There were so many choices that one of us soon decided to opt for the tried-and-tested – a chili dog from Herman Ze German. And it didn’t disappoint.

More please!

More please!

The other was more adventurous. In fact, while one of us has always ended up getting the exact same at every single visit, the other has taken the old adage, variety is the spice of life, at heart. One time it was a delicious steak sandwich cooked in a Big Green Egg. This time around, it was a Brazilian-style wrap from a stall that didn’t have a name. Something must have been lost in translation because the chicken and chorizo wrap ordered was transformed into a beef and bacon one. But with an abundance of delicious melted cheese covering the perfectly cooked protein, we were not going to argue.

Winning combo

Winning combo

Luckily, Little Bird Gin had an open outside table, so we sat down and ordered a couple of cocktails, and ate while watching people go by.

It was a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning!

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