Pepper Vinegar

Another hot condiment we like is simple pepper vinegar, which is great with things like beans and noodles.  It is easy and quick to make, but requires some time (at least a week) to settle in.  What you need:

  • Cider vinegar
  • White vinegar
  • Hot peppers (whatever you like)
  • Sugar and salt to taste
  • A glass mason jar with lid

We only had some generic red and green hot peppers on hand (along with some dried chillies, which work just as well) so that’s what we used.

Hot peppers

Hot peppers

Chop the fresh peppers up – you can leave the dried peppers as is.  Purists might discard the seeds but we keep them.  Waste not, and all that.

Cut up peppers

Cut up peppers

Shove all the peppers into your glass mason jar, leaving enough room for vinegar.

About to add the vinegar

About to add the vinegar

We like to use about half cider vingar and half white vinegar, as the cider gives a bit of sweetness, but that’s just us.  Fill the mason jar with your vinegar mix of choice, and then pour that vinegar out into a sauce pan (this makes measuring easy, though you might want to add a tad more vingear at this point to compensate for evaporation).  Add about a half a tablespoon of sugar to the pan, and bring the vinegar to a boil.

Vinegar and sugar boiling.

Vinegar and sugar boiling

Pour the hot vinegar back into the mason jar (we first transer the vinegar to a measuring cup to avoid spilling).

Fill the mason jar.

Fill the mason jar

Top up the jar with some additional vinegar and add a pinch of sea salt.  Seal up the jar, and give it a good shake to distribute the salt and help the liquid dig into the peppers.



That’s it!  Let the jar cool off, and then stick it in the fridge.  You’ll want to let it sit for at least a week before using it though, to let all the flavours meld.

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