Habanero salsa, just because we like it hot.

We here at the Londinium Project consider ourselves chili heads, and often drum up fiery conconctions to clear the sinuses.  One of our favourites is a hot pepper salsa – pefect to have with some pita, or on a sandwich, or on a burger, etc.  We stoped by Borough Market earlier in the day (which we are fortunate to live near) and came home to throw a batch together.

Experimenting with recipes is part of the fun of cooking, so we’ll only provide rough measurements, but the ingrediants are:

    • The hottest peppers you can tolerate
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Shallots
    • Olive oil
    • Balsamic vinegar
    • Brown sugar

We used 6 red habanero peppers for this batch, the same number of cherry tomatoes, and one large shallot – that is enough to make about a cup of the salsa (which will last a while, as it will be quite fiery).

Finely dice up the peps/tomatoes/shallots and throw it all in a skillet over high heat.  Douse them with some olive oil and add a good hit of brown sugar (about a tablespoon) and let it all get hot so the sugar dissolves.  When you get to that point (the liquid will be boiling) add about a shot glass of water – you have one of those around, yeah? – and cook until most of the liquid dissolves.  Then add a dose of balsamic vinegar – just a teaspoon or two – and stir it all together one last time.  The sweetness from the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar will offset the heat from the peppers (at least a bit) and give you a nice reduction.

Habanero salsa cooking

Habanero salsa cooking.

Let it cool down and store it in a container.  You’ll have a nice hot-but-kinda-sweet condiment that’ll taste even better after it rests for a day or two.

Habanero salsa, cooled down.

Habanero salsa, cooled down.

Last bit: smother it on a nice sandwich, and grab a drink to cool it all down.

Porchetta/salami/mortadella/mozzarella sandwich with habanero salsa.

Porchetta/salami/mortadella/mozzarella sandwich with habanero salsa.

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